Training with Lash & Brow Bar NJ is truly one of the most unique, well rounded and completely comprehensive PMU training programs making our trainings one of the most sought after programs for PMU education. Looking for a career change or an extra income, Permanent makeup can bring a 5-6 figure income into your pocket. Located in the heart of the Tri-State area in Hackensack, NJ. Training at our clinic is not only an amazing experience but very convenient.

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In-Class Duration

2 Days of class

Additional Model Days

This 2 day course is designed for PMU certified artists looking to elevate their career to the next level, you will learn hair strokes that will separate you from your competition and increase your earnings covering a wider market. Microblading has become one of the most requested PMU procedures in the industry, requiring a very precise technique and training to execute properly you will find this and much more at Lash & Brow Bar NJ being this is one of our most popular services as well as Combo Brows, you will learn how to combine strokes alone with the Powder Technique.


Class Hours

9am to 5pm 8 Hours Days (we may start earlier or run later on some days so please leave your schedule flexible)

Class Size

Max 6 students (Master Trainer and 2 Certified Artist Assistants depending on class size)

Class Dates

April 4 to 9 of 2022 SOLD OUT
June 6 to 11 of 2022 SOLD OUT
August 8 to 13 of 2022 6 Seats Left!



This training is designed for beginners, giving you all the basic knowledge to properly start a career in the field of PMU and taking you step by step into becoming AAM Board Certified.

Why choose us?

Our training team is highly passionate and experienced with over 7 years in the PMU industry we have had the opportunity to train with the most talented trainers country wide and world wide, collecting all the best data and techniques, bringing them to reality and simplifying it for our students to create the most beautiful and sought after techniques in the industry right now, our clinic is one of the very few training students with all advanced techniques from the beginning so that you don’t have to go out there and invest more money on advanced trainings, we are a one-stop shop!


TOTAL COST: $5,900

DEPOSIT: To reserve a seat in the class a deposit of $1,500 has to be paid via website or by phone, this deposit is non-refundable, non- transferable, before reserving your seat please make sure our dates work with your schedule.

After you reserve your seat for the selected class, within 72 hours you will be receiving our welcome email.

BALANCES: The remaining balance will be due 3 weeks before the class starts – no exceptions.

After you complete step 1, you will have to do 9 more procedures, each one of them will have a cost of $400.
(These can be paid 1 at the time) and can be scheduled with any of our artists.

After you complete step 1 and 2 now you are ready to take step 3 – test directly with the AAM

Link in here:

After you complete the test you are ready to work legally in the state on NJ, and we are here to help you on your new journey!

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This is a 2 day course