We are proud to present to our clients the most revolutionary Hair-Stroke technique in the Micropigmentation industry as of now.

Nano Brows are done with a tattooing machine and a single needle providing the look of a realistic hair-stroke and fluffy brows results for the ultimate natural brow effect on men and women with or without natural brow hair.

Lasting 1-2 years, Nano brows are minimally invasive due to the technique used and our hybrid pigment formula.

Its results are highly pigmented and predictable, they are suitable for every skin type.

In certain occasions it can be used to coverup old brow permanent makeup work.

Remaining true to color, they fade beautifully over time as your skin cells digest the pigment particles without leaving behind any trace of unwanted deposits of pigment.

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To request a virtual evaluation, send us high quality pictures and complete the following information if you have existing permanent make up in the area to be treated