Alberto Guzman

General Manager

Alberto is the head owner of Lash & Brow Bar NJ and our Clinic General Manager. He has extensive customer service experience and skills, he oversees our clinic’s activities and ensures everything is running smoothly.

He runs our PMU Academy Registrations Department and will always be happy to assist answering all questions as well as provide guidance to our future students.

Adriana Caicedo

Master Artist & AAM Trainer

Adriana is a licensed esthetician in the state of New Jersey since 2012, co-owner of Lash & Brow Bar NJ and our Master Artist and Master Trainer with over 7 years in the PMU industry, she holds a title of Platinum Member of the AAM (American Academy of Micropigmentation) as well as AAM Platinum Certified Trainer.

Adriana is an artist by nature and a perfectionist who will not settle for anything other than fantastic results costumized for each one of her clients and characterizes by the individual dedication to her clients post-procedure.

Laura Caicedo

Senior Artist & AAM Trainer

Laura is our Senior Permanent Makeup Artist with over 4 years of experience and YumiLash Lifting, she has been part of the Beauty and Wellness Industry since 2010 as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Esthetician in the state of New Jersey.

On 2017 Laura completed her certification and licensing with the Beau Institute of Permanent & Corrective Cosmetics and is an active member of the AAM (American Academy of Micropigmentation) as well as her YumiLash Lifting certification in Los Angeles, CA.

On 2018 Laura obtained her microblading certification and became an artist with the world wide known PhiBrows Microblading Academy.
Her passion is to help each of her clients get a boost of confidence and deliver the best quality results.

Yamile Espinal

Junior Permanent Makeup & Paramedical Tattooing Artist

Yamile has background in accounting, she retired as she felt the need to do something that she felt passionate about.

She found PMU and all its wonderful opportunities. Being able to change the lives of her clients and lift their confidence and self esteem is priceless for her. Even tho she is an experienced Permanent Makeup Artist she found her true passion and specialized in Reconstructive Paramedical Tattooing, being able to fully or partially reconstruct areolas with a 3D effect, camouflage scars and stretch marks.

She is also one of our trainings assistants and apprenticeships instructor and supervisor, helping our students take their skills and work ethics to the next level.

Uka Oyun

Junior Permanent Makeup Artist

My name is Undral, aka Uka. I’m originally from Mongolia, lived in Japan for most of my young adult life and almost 8 years ago I decided to move to the US and start a new chapter of my life.

My interest in Permanent Makeup started years and years ago when a few of my family members started getting microblading when it was first introduced to my country, and later on to have mine done as well. I always had a fascination with the whole beauty tattoo industry and how it could change our daily routine such as filling the brows in or drawing eyeliner every day.

About a year ago, I made a huge decision to switch my career from the corporate world to  Permanent Makeup. Even though I didn’t come from the makeup world and had no background in aesthetics, my call was stronger than any other experience needed to start this career. I have a strong passion for beauty and helping others look and feel their best, so I decided to become a permanent makeup artist. I pushed through and worked harder than ever before, did a lot of research, took some courses, and practiced every single day since.

Permanent makeup has no age limit. You just need to adapt it and customize it to every single face/person. Having the ability to make each and every client feel happy, confident and feel their absolute best in their own skin is my goal. I truly enjoy what I do, and I’m happy to meet you and service you all!

Angie Marín

Operations Manager

Angie has a background as Medical Assistant and worked at a Dermatologic clinic in the early 2000’s, she loved the privilege of helping others in various ways, medically and emotionally, which motivated her in becoming a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist in 2020, and becoming an AAM Certified Artist which allowed her to work on her artistic skills and at the same time being able to offer a service where she could continue make an impact by helping others feel good about themselves.

A side passion is also real estate investor and property management, which is why having the opportunity to be part of Lash & Brow Bar NJ team has been the perfect combination of her passion and her skills.

Angie is eager to be part of our team and hopes to use her combined skills to be able to provide you all with the amazing customer service that distinguishes our Clinic & Academy.